I am beyond thrilled that you are visiting this site! It is heartwarming every time someone new visits and learns about how we can and ARE making a critically needed difference for children. It is happening because of people like you coming together with a passion for creating greater understanding and sharing!

You are going to want to be part of this special group!

This is an EXTRAORDINARY group of dedicated and caring people who have the hearts, brains and courage to ensure early brain development is (finally) common knowledge! 

… It is a group with great enthusiasm and one that has also has your busy life in mind.

Being a member of this exceptional group is extremely

  • Easy
  • Very Inexpensive
  • Tremendously Exciting!!

It is so convenient to have information so easily accessible and organized for you. Worldwide Brain Team:

  • Provides valuable insights on both children and adult brains
  • Offers Inspiration, information, and implementation ideas
  • Gives you the opportunity to share with others
  • Donates proceeds to children in need throughout the world!

    You will feel good about all you learn for yourself, and being part of something so important!

Membership is only $1.00/month!!

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 As a Worldwide Brain Team member you will:

Have access to ALL of The Worldwide Brain Team Offerings:

-  A weekly insight to easily share in a variety of ways

-  Parenting Tips

-  Better Understanding of your own brain page

-  Links to recent articles and research

-  Brainy Resource Recommendations

-  Interviews from a wide variety of exciting and influential experts in the field from countries across the globe

-  A FREE monthly printable to post and share

-  Participation in the Creating Great Connections Members Forum for connecting, sharing and gaining insights from incredible people around the world

-  A free Loving A Baby print to download, post and share!

It will be a real pleasure having you as a part of

The Worldwide Brain Team!

You are Needed! You and The Children will Benefit Greatly!

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